No Other Race Ramps Compare

Wooden boards, heavy rusted metal ramps, gouged floors, and an expensive chiropractor bill - these are all things car enthusiasts are familiar with… but shouldn’t have to be.

Enter Race Ramps: Extremely light weight and durable ramps and accessories that just plain work. Whether you are looking to change the oil on your classic car, display that impressive show car, or load your expensive baby into the trailer, Race Ramps has a solution for you. Because of their unique construction, these products will not slide across a garage floor, dig into an asphalt drive, scratch or otherwise damage a cement or painted floor.

Best of all, Race Ramps products are made specifically for Corvettes, Porsches, Vipers, Mustangs, BMWs, Ferraris, and other high performance cars with wide tyres and low ground clearance. Until now, these cars have been difficult to service, maintain, and load onto trailers. But Race Ramps products were made to solve all of these problems - and more.

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Service Ramps:

67" Race Ramp XT

Race Ramp XTs are ideal for low ground clearance vehicles with tyres up to 12” wide. With an incline of only 10.75°, they raise the car up 10” and hold up to approximately 1360kg per set while weighing approximately 7kg each. They are built in one solid piece, making them durable and sturdy. Like all Race Ramps products, they will not slide across a garage floor, dig into an asphalt driveway, scratch or otherwise damage a cement or painted floor. They can be used on grass, dirt, or almost any other flat surface, and they will never rust. Race Ramps come complete with straps for easy carrying and storage.

56" Race Ramps

56” Race Ramps are ideal for low ground clearance vehicles with tyres up to 10” wide. With an incline of only 10.75°, they lift the car up 8” and hold up to approximately 1360kg weighing only 10 pounds per ramp. They are built in one solid piece, making them safe and sturdy. Like all Race Ramps products, they will not slide across a garage floor, dig into an asphalt driveway, scratch or otherwise damage a cement or painted floor. They can be used on grass, dirt, or almost any other flat surface, and they will never rust. Race Ramps come complete with straps for easy carrying and storage.

40" Sport Ramps

Sport Ramps were requested by owners of small sports cars that don’t have 12” wide tyres for low front ends, but who still want all of the other great Race Ramps features. They are ideal for most small sports cars, accommodating tyres up to 8” wide and raising the car up 7”. They hold up to approximately 1360kg per set while weighing only approximately 4kg per ramp.


XTenders nest on to your one or two-piece 56” or 67” Race Ramps, giving you an approach angle of only 6.8° for use with vehicles really low to the ground. They mate easily with the 56” or 67” Race Ramps and can be removed once the vehicle is up the ramp to provide additional working area. Xtenders are extremely lightweight, weighing only approximately 3kg’s each.


Roll-Ups are designed to be used in conjunction with 56” or 67” or 40” Sport Ramps. They raise the opposite end of the vehicle up 4”, enabling you to complete more difficult tasks such as changing the exhaust. Roll-Ups can also raise the front or rear of the car to allow for a standard floor jack. And at 14” wide, they can be used with tyres up to 12” wide. They weigh only approximately 2kg each and are small enough to fit in the trunk of a C5 or C6.


Trailer Products:

Trailer Ramps

Is your trailer door to steep to get your car to the race track or autocross? Are you tired of busting up your nose? Race Ramps has just the solution for you: simply place the trailer door on the notch of these specially designed Trailer Ramps and decrease your angle of approach to as little as 4°. These hassle-free, lightweight ramps work for cars weighing up to approximately 2700kg. Trailer Ramps are ideal for low ground clearance cars with extra wide tyres. Use the dimensions above to determine which size fits best with your vehicle and trailer. Trailer Ramps are lightweight ranging in weight from approximately 3 – 7kg’s each.

Trailer Side Kicks

Trailer Side Kicks serve two purposes. First, they fit in front of a trailer’s wheel wells to provide a tapered, protective guide between your vehicle’s wheels and the trailer’s steel wheel wells. Tall marker flags indicate their placement and help guide you onto the trailer without any scrapes or scratches. Second, Trailer Side Kicks can be used as ramps for changing a trailer tyre. Simply drive the good tyre onto the ramp and the flat tyre will be lifted off the ground for easy removal and replacement. Trailer Side Kicks lightweight but solid construction enables you to safely use them on any surface—pavement, grass, or even sand—without sinking. They are extremely durable and stable, supporting up to approximately 3600kg while weighing only approximately 4kg each. They won’t gouge, scratch, or otherwise damage your driveway or floor and will never rust.


Trailer-Mates make it much easier to tie your low ground clearance vehicle down to the trailer. When a car is parked on the Mates, an additional 3” of ground clearance is created—giving you more room to reach the vehicle’s tie-down points. They may give you the clearance needed to open the car door and clear the wheel well on the trailer, too. Trailer-Mates are extremely durable and lightweight (weighing approximately 4kg each) won’t slide on (or scratch) the trailer surface. Concave depressions in the front Trailer-Mates help keep the vehicle from rolling during transport, while the rear Trailer-Mates are designed to simply drive over, making placement a snap. These can also be customized to meet your specific needs.

Trailer Step

This portable step can be used as a free standing step for your trailer or around the shop to give you the added boost you need to get under the hood of that big rig! It is ideal for reaching the top of trailers or tow vehicles when washing and detailing and also serves as a good bench when servicing your car on Wheel Cribs or Race Ramps. It has a non-slip coating on all sides, is extremely lightweight, and has a strap on each side for easy carrying (or for hanging it on the wall). It fits in the step well of the trailer and each version weighs only approximately 5kg.

Track & Trailer Ramps

Think of these as the perfect ramp trifecta - you can work on and tie down your vehicle using the removeable Service Ends, and swap it out with removeable Trailer Ends. Now you can work on your car, load it into the trailer, and reach the tie downs, all with one ramp set! Since they're divided in two sections, you can remove the sloped ramp section when servicing the vehicle; now you can get to the sides of your car, without the ramps getting in the way! Don't need the entire set? Then pick and choose your setup!

And don't forget. Our Track & Trailer ramps are sturdy, solid and Unscootable, hugging the ground and never slipping or sliding no matter the surface -- dirt, wet cement, garages or even ice! (We've got a trip planned to see if they work on the surface of Mars.) And if you're working in the garage or in the driveway, like all Race Ramps, Track & Trailer ramps won't dig into, scratch or blemish your floors.


Garage Products:

Rack Ramps

Rack Ramps are a dream come true for service centers and owners of four post lifts. They enable you to get modified, low-riding cars onto the service platform or lift without damaging the front end... or your back, as you haul around 32kg removable steel ramps! Rack Ramps textured surface prevents slipping, they weigh only approximately 5kg, and they come complete with a carry handle for easy transport and storage.

There are two styles of Rack Ramps. Rack-5 Ramps are made for the four post lift with removable ramps. They have a lip that bridges over the operating rods or cables that run in front of the steel beam. Rack-4 Ramps are for a lift that has ramps permanently attached. They have a notch in them to accommodate the existing ramp and decrease the angle of approach by making the slope longer. If you need a different size, let us know and we can customize!

Wheel Stands

Wheel Stands offer you a 16” square working platform to accommodate scales, a turntable, or to be used as a display block. They are lightweight (approximately 5kg per stand), yet very sturdy and stable. Their textured surface prevents slipping and they won’t scratch or dent your car or floor.

Slip Plate Stands

This safe, lightweight, easy-to-transport platforms are designed for placement of wheel alignment slip plates or turntables to provide a portable alignment rack solution. Slip Plate Stands raise a vehicle 14” and support 680kg each—yet weigh only approximately 7kg each. Built in Wheel stops help prevent the vehicle from rolling off the stands. Carry straps are mounted on the stands for easy transport and storage. The top platform measures 17.75” long by 16” wide.

Wheel Chock

Wheel Chocks are ideal for use with all Race Ramps Products, providing additional safety in the working environment. Made from solid rubber composite with an extra-grip bottom, they each weigh approximately 1kg.
To be safe, use wheel chocks with all ramp products.

Scale Ramps

Scale Ramps rise 2.5” to work with all racing scales of this height. They are lightweight—less than approximately 1kg each—and feature a textured surface that prevents slipping. Scale Ramps are constructed in one solid piece for strength and stability and provide a lower cost alternative to factory ramps.


Show Products:

Show Ramps

Show Ramps were designed after going to several car shows and seeing what people go through to raise their car up and place a mirror on the ground to display its underside. They can be used to raise up the front, back, or side of the car—or get two sets and raise up the entire car to make it stand out. Show Ramps are a great lightweight (only approximately 3kg each) alternative to jack stands, floor jacks, and wooden blocks. They reduce the risk of damaging your car, and they can be transported with no risk of sliding and denting your trunk.

Show Cribs

Show Cribs are a safe, stylish, and lightweight way to raise your vehicle for display. They can cradle the tyre up to 12” off of the ground or we can cut them down to meet your specifications. Show Cribs are available in two models: a full pyramid tapered on all four sides (RR-SC-P), or fora smaller footprint, the RR-SC. They provide an unobstructed view underneath the car, and their tapered design lends a dramatic air to any vehicle display. A set of four will support 2700kg, and yet weigh only 3 to 4kg each.


Other Products:

Wheel Cribs

Wheel Cribs are a safe, lightweight alternative to jack stands. They cradle the tyre 8”,10”, or 12” off the ground (depending on the model), providing unobstructed access underneath the car. Each crib supports 680kg (approximately 1360kg per set) and weighs only approximately 2kg. Using the appropriate Wheel Cribs in conjunction with 56” or 67” Race Ramps allows your car to be level while raised—useful for changing your oil, for example. Wheel Cribs also can be used for car display and are available in custom sizes.*

*You must use Wheel Chocks behind both tyres on the Race Ramps before jacking up your car to place the opposite two tyres on the Wheel Cribs.

Adjustable Wheel Cribs

Adjustable Wheel Cribs are a two-piece version of our standard Wheel Cribs. Each crib comes as a stacked assembly of two interlocking pieces of equal height. Their design allows the vehicle to be lifted in incremental heights that provide clearance for a jack and a spacer. Each set supports approximately 1360kg, yet each crib weighs approximately 2kg! They can hold tyres up to 12” wide with diameters from 25” to 30”. You can use one set as either two 8”/10”/12”cribs or four 4”/5”/6” cribs when the set is split (heights depend on which model you purchase, see above).


This product helps to keep your tyres from flat spotting during long periods of storage. Once the tyres are set in the Flatstoppers (on a level surface), they will settle into the pad’s concave depression. More of the bottom portion of the tyre will be fully supported, thus dispersing the weight of the car more evenly onto the tyre and helping to prevent any flattening. Flatstoppers will not conduct heat or cold to your tyres despite changing floor temperatures, will not damage your floor in any way, and will not slide. Flatstoppers weigh only approximately 2kg’s each.


Trak-Jax were inspired by an auto crosser that didn’t want to buy a new, high-priced, low-profile jack just to change his tyres at the track. These lightweight, durable ramps get low cars up high enough to fit a standard floor jack under the car. At less than approximately 2kg each and only 30.1” long, you can even fit them in the trunk of a C5 or C6 Corvette. Trak-Jax are available with or without a 1.5” stop.

Portable Pit Stop Ramp

This ramp was designed for car enthusiasts and racers alike, enabling them to get their car up 14” in the air with ease. The adjustable wheel base (from 98” to 110”) makes it easy to accommodate a wide variety of cars. The Racer’s Model comes with a cut-out section made to fit a 15” scale pad that is 2.5” thick. It also comes with a spacer to fill the cut-out when the scales are not needed. The Standard Model is completely flat and has no cut-out for scales. With no individual piece weighing more than approximately 18kg, both models total 110kg, are 16” wide, and are 220” long when assembled.

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ESM Race Ramps aims to provide all customers with honest and efficient service in the supply of the large range of products in the unique Race Ramps product portfolio.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a Race Ramp? Race Ramps are a very high quality, durable and lightweight solution for maintaining, loading, storing or exhibiting your vehicle. They allow you to get your car off the ground in the fastest, quickest and safest possible manner.

What are they made from? Our ramps are made out of a high density "space age" foam - 100% solid, yet weighing only around 7Kg each. That's less than 10 litres of fuel.

Why should I choose Race Ramps? No other car ramps compare to the Race Ramp products. Race Ramps are practically indestructible while also being extremely lightweight. Because of their unique construction, they will not slide across a garage floor, dig into an asphalt driveway, or scratch or otherwise damage a cement or painted floor. They can be used on grass, sand, or almost any other flat surface, and they will never rust. Most products come complete with straps for easy carrying and storage.

Why wouldn’t I just use steel or wood alternatives? The problem with wood and steel alternatives is they corrode either by rust or rot. When you are using these products you need to be sure that it will securely hold your vehicle. These alternatives can slip or break in use while Race Ramps will not.

How do I know if the ramp is the right size for me?Our products come in all different shapes and sizes to make sure we have the correct product for you. However, if you are unsure on which product is the best for your application please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to advise.

If for whatever reason you can’t find the product that is right for you then don’t worry. We can design and produce custom products that fit your exact specification. Please contact us to find out more.

Will this Ramps suit my business ? Please always read our terms and conditions about return policies and how to use the ramps.

Damage on delivery ? As much as it never tends to happen , please always make sure to check ramps before you sign received in good order with the courier ( UPS or TNT ). Transit damage won't be covered after signing off the ramps.